Frontlines: serving others

Joshua 24:15     …..But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

Matthew 20:28     “just as the Son of Man did not come to b served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.”

Galatians 5:13     For you brethren have been called to liberty; only do not use liberty as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another.    


I never associated different catastrophic illness and pandemics as a war zone. But truly, they were, and this is. This war can be won with less death and in less time if we follow the advice of learned men and women who have a better understanding of illness spread, the abilities of this virus, and the compliance of people. But it needs to be all that follow these rules for maintaining segregation. No one is immune to contracting this virus, and all are capable of spreading it. Following this segregation and maintaining these social distances will defeat this vicious virus, but it means compliance.

I find it sad and appalling the numbers of people you see who are not following the guidelines. Do you really think you and yours are invincible? What happens when it brings your family member(s) down? Then it would be too late to be compliant.

The not following of these social guidelines is like the persons who are not following God’s laws. These folks apparently have no use for the first three commandments which state God is number one and if you have other things/persons/yourself in first place, that is not following the commandment.

God wants our obedience and love. He doesn’t want disobedience and self-love. Just as God’s rules are designed for our benefit, for our good, the rules for segregation and social distancing are also for our good, our health, and to stop the spread.

This is a war. We are fighting a basically unseen enemy since none of us runs around with a microscope. You have no idea who may have the virus and have just not become ill yet, or if someone coughed, touched something you later touch and the virus is present. Why is it so hard for people to follow rules?

It is because we are a hard-headed, stubborn and self-centered, selfish bunch. The bible is FULL of stories telling of disobedient peoples and then God’s anger and punishment for a period of time.   The consequences of disobedience can be nasty. And disobeying the social distancing can be the reason some die. I, for one, would hate to feel by my disobedience, my carelessness; I was responsible for someone getting ill. My daughter is a nurse and has said, “Mom, this is the nastiest, and worst thing I’ve ever seen.” This is an experienced ICU nurse who has seen a lot of pain, illness and suffering in her 16 years as a nurse.   Our selfishness has caused punishment since the first sin committed in the garden.

Just because we are not under martial law to maintain social segregation, we are given the liberty to choose. And in love, you should choose to protect others, even if you believe yourself invincible. And realize the fighting on the front lines will feel a lot of relief once this virus is being defeated. These folks are warriors fighting fiercely to keep alive those they can. Help them out.

Like all wars, there are those in charge. God is the ultimate Commander, but He has men and women who have knowledge and education who share their education, experience, and wisdom to lead the “troops.” And we are the soldiers. The frontline consists of medical, paramedics, grocery workers, pharmacists, and all the others who are maintaining the workforce to ensure we have what we need. It is insulting to them that some think social distancing is not a mandate for them..

How selfish that is, and I find myself becoming angry with them, and have to consciously push it down, because I know God handles all. He will deal with those have those…He has promised judgment is His. This time of segregating will pass. How can it not be worth it to be a part of cheering on all those frontline workers who place themselves as caregivers, in ALL the capacities they serve—cashiering, nursing, medical, fire and police, military, and the many restaurants who are serving and preparing food for the less fortunate. Be someone who is following these cautions and trying t keep yourself and others safe.

God, You know I can be disobedient…..often…but help us all to follow  segregation pleas. I praise You and ask to protect all those fighting. For me and ‘mybellaviews,’ I choose to follow You.