Reminders from God



I recently shared a posting that I saw on Facebook, originally put out there by Touching Lives. The words read “Get your fire back. It’s not over until God says it’s over. Start believing again. Start dreaming again. Start pursuing what God put in your heart.”

The day I first saw it was a day of me doubting my abilities again. But the thing is, I may put some words down…..and like the way they’ve been joined together to create…something.  But it’s a gift from God.

By being fearful and reluctant to put those words out there……I’ve given myself more credit. My ability comes from the creator….and I do well to remember that. That’s why I shared that posting. I needed to remind myself.

A couple of years ago, two friends each gave me the same decorative jar. The first friend who found this appropriate for me, was a nursing friend. I was leaving nursing to pursue other endeavors.


The other friend sent the jar to me about a week or two later, spontaneously. Just a visible reminder to keep moving forward.

But it struck me as so ironic that both of these friends had found and purchased the same jar, with me in mind, to give me a friendly boost, a reminder of what God had given me.

The jar is about 7 inches high, brown base, cream top with a little cover. On the cream area are the words “Stop Doubting and Believe. Love, God.”  note from God


How disappointing to not use our gifts or abilities for Him.   We tend to make it about OUR skills, OUR fears.  He wanted us to use whatever gift for His purpose.  It is not just OUR skill.  He is the One who gives us gifts, strengths, and the ability to create.

Certainly after I received the second one in such a short time, there was noting I could say except, “Okay, got it. I’m doing this.”

But that attitude to work on my writing and finally put it out there where it could be (horrors and possible hurt!) rejected, was scary, is sometimes still scary.   That’s when I need to remind myself that He also said, “I did not give you a spirit of fear.” He gave me a gift, an ability to string words together that sometimes have a lovely message.

Fear is part of Satan’s lies, convincing you that you will fail, that you are not good enough.  Yes, I heard, and absorbed those demon’s lies. And I chose, to listen to those lies for a while.  There was a time, I didn’t realize it was a choice. I listened to his sultry voice telling me repeatedly I didn’t have the voice, the author’s voice, my author’s voice, to do this.

But those are the types of lies Satan tells so we don’t move ahead, we don’t use a gift. He convinces us we are not good enough.

But that is not the path God has chosen for me.  The gift is from Him.  Even if my writing gets rejected, it is still NOT a rejection of me….because that means I take more credit unto ME.

How liberating that thought process has been!  And why now so late in life?  ‘Well, it ain’t over ’til it’s over.’!

So when my doubts creep in. I need the reminder that God blessed me with a couple of gifts. So often it is easy for us to slide into the doubts and lies the enemy whispers.

I CHOOSE to remember God’s nudge, “Stop doubting, and Believe. Love, God.”

Part of my writing this blog is to get the feedback from you, my friends, to surge forward when my human doubts try to overpower the gifts that God has blessed me with.

So feel free to remind me anytime!   Blessings.

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