A friend’s scary journey

Matthew 6:34   Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for today is its own trouble.

Philippians 4:6,7  Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

Right now, I have a friend who is going through a time of unemployment and while picking up spare jobs, has lost her health insurance, is having car issues, and because she could not afford a cell phone contract with one of the major companies, signed on with another non-contract company. The phone died today, there is no battery replacement for that model phone since 2013, and some of the jobs require her to use the phone for an hour appointment with people. She is feeling so overwhelmed, and has been so strong in her faith and knowing that God is going to come through and some great opportunity will open and she will be on a new path. Each month is a question as to if she will have enough for her rent, food, and so forth. And so far there has been. Although she no longer has a lease, it is month to month payment for her rent, so more costly than a lease, but things are too unsure now to commit to anything longer than monthly.

So the cell phone is dead and cannot be revived, and that is her business. Her clients need to be able to reach her, and have their one hour appointments. She is picking up various writing jobs, and those employers were reaching her by text and possible email. But there is now no phone service, just email availability, which is no help in a coaching and psychology setting.

And now, her vehicle is acting up, and it seems like it might be an expensive thing to have fixed. For the first time in all these months, I am hearing fear, anxiety and she is unable to concentrate on the writing work she has to do over the next few days. Frustrated, overwhelmed, she headed out for a walk a few moments ago.

I’ve admired her faith, her searching for positions and the belief all would be fine. But now the burden is heavier, and the uncertainty has slithered in. Did she miss a step or path He told her to walk? Is she too prideful to ask for help? What is the lesson she is supposed to be learning?

I am still learning to grasp that faith. It is more rapid for me to have a decline into anxiety sooner than she has. I believe God let me see this as an example as to the way I SHOULD walk my difficulties. We all have stress, and some just walk, maintain faith with a smile, and one would never know they have concerns. Others wear it constantly. And some wear it when they begin to feel overwhelmed. I want to be the one who walks confidently always knowing things will work out for my good.

‘For I know the plans I have for you. Plans to prosper and not harm.’ Jeremiah 29:11. Believing it when all is going well is easy. It’s more difficult for the liar to whisper ‘it’s not true. You should have protected yourself. Now it’s too late. You’re doomed.’ I need the Holy Spirit to remind me Satan lies, always. But I shouldn’t always need the reminder. I should KNOW it. I do know it.  That’s faith.

But I occasionally let doubt and fear slither in.  Thankfully the Holy Spirit does remind me I am not alone, God has this, and all will be well.

She came back after a few minutes walking on the beach and had a firm plan, was steadier and had a temporary plan. No need to get a cell phone now; she could maintain contact via email, then stop on her way home on Sunday and get a cell phone plan. So for now, armed and somewhat confident again, she went downstairs to write her articles and do her jobs. The car issues will be dealt with once the exact problem with it is known. She’s back to having her faith restored. Although definitely tired and so ready for this phase of her life to end, her prayer and the walk on the beach and the knowledge that God has a plan, has restored her.

This is the kind of response He wants for us. Although the road may be rocky, and we get fearful and nervous, He wants us to ‘be anxious for nothing…’.

So now, she is back, working and doing today’s tasks, for that is all we have is today and what comes. Slightly shaken, she was not derailed by worry, fear, anxiety.  She knows she can trust Him

Thanks for being a wonderful example of faith for ‘myBellaviews.’