A dog, one of my blessings

I had to put one of my Boston terriers down today. He was one of the blessings God entrusted me with more than eleven years ago. We got him and his sister from the same litter and they were so much fun. While not very intelligent dogs. . . or maybe they were intelligent enough to manipulate me whatever they wanted by pretending to not understand.

Clancy and Bailey were always close and brought smiles to a lot of faces because people enjoyed seeing them energetically play and they loved meeting new folks, watching them play soccer on the beach. They were bright enough to keep the ball off the dunes when I called to turn, and they would chase it into the water, then back up to the shore. They made a great team. Although they rarely liked a third dog joining in their game, they weren’t nasty about it, and would manage to steer it away from the new one, and maybe one of mine would hip chuck the other dog out of the way.

There was an excited joy every time I came home, even if I’d been out to just pick up the mail! No concept of time it seems. I am fortunate I never busted anything of bodily value tripping over them, yet couldn’t help smiling at their unadulterated pleasure. God knew what He was doing giving me those two litter mates.

IMG_1969 (1)                                                      IMG_0109

So although I have some heaviness in my heart, it was time for Clancy to go trotting on the next part of his journey. Surprisingly, the female, Bailey, is doing well. She and my most affectionate cat both spent time on Friday licking Clancy, snuggling, and then for the next three days, (today is Monday) they steered clear of him. I believe in my heart they said their animal good-byes Friday. But it’s nice knowing I have the others to snuggle with today.

So, although I miss “my little boy dog” I know he’s in a better place. Thank you, God for blessing me with him for such a wonderful while. He was certainly one fun and happy “mybellaviews.”