Different Journeys

Jeremiah 23:11      For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans of welfare and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.

Psalm 23:3    He leads me in the paths of righteousness for His name’s sake.


We each have a different journey from anyone else. Some of our experiences are similar—an occasion that you and a sibling or close friend shared.   You shared the same event but your perception may be slightly different than the other’s.  We see slightly different, hear a slightly different version.  Age, perspective, beliefs, and so much more go into making an interpretation of a situation. It’s funny to listen to someone who shared an event with you, but the telling is a bit different than your memory. Sometimes, it can be entirely different, which can be daunting and make you really question how and why the differences are so great.

I can’t imagine going through my life not believing and knowing that God is alive, in control, and He has me protected and I am loved.   Words like coincidence, karma, and luck are used, and I am taken aback that these people do not believe that God’s guiding hand, comforting hand and direction are involved.  Yet there are several people in my life who do not believe in God, and some of these folks are family.  We had the same basic experiences.  I certainly left the church  I was raised in, but I am totally involved in my relationship with God.  And am thankful I looked around until I found a biblical teaching church.  I want one where the Bible is taught, and there is no “political correctness.”  God spoke, and what He said then was true, as it is true today.  He hasn’t changed His mind.

I know I have made some very poor decisions when I have not contacted Him and sought His will. Some I am still experiencing. But I have a need, a dependency to seek Him before moving now. I don’t want to disappoint or certainly not disobey, and I have learned my life is abundantly blessed if I live according to His guidance and direction.  And again,  we each develop our own relationship with God, or not.  Some have a deep and long lasting need for God, while others mark time with an occasional church attendance, and still others deny there is a Creator.   I  have difficulty understanding how anyone can not believe in my Creator.   I don’t understand how we can all see the beauty of this world and yet not believe in God.   

God is love, and that is what He shows us with the beauty of each day, with seeing His lovely bits of nature, His incredible animal creations, His lovely skies, and on and on.   He wants us to love Him, but He wants us to love each other, including ourselves.

I feel sad that so many go about their days thinking and believing they are totally in control and don’t know God is just waiting them to reach out and ask HIm in.  And once you do, certainly, I am not  saying there will be no stressful times, you won’t have painful and miserable, difficult times.  Everyone has those, believers and non-believers.  But believers know they are not alone, and realize that God has the issue, He’s in control and is there to guide.  One  still has the frustrations, hurts, confusion, losses, etc.  God asks for your trust and He will get you through.  And it may NOT be in the manner you wanted, but it will still work out for you.  I am not saying there will be no pain or suffering; there may be.  But, for believers, the burden feels less heavy and cumbersome knowing we have the Creator to help.

Maybe because we were made in His image, we really believe we have as much power as God.  (However, I do believe that is how Satan and his arrogance was thrown down from heaven. Satan thought he was a good and mighty God….God showed him otherwise.)  But we, as did all of man including the ancient Israelites, at times we think we are in control, we have it all figured out….That is not how I want to live again.  I want to seek Him first, see what His will is and then move forward.  I have (hopefully) truly learned and ingrained the lesson of not waiting on Him and His will for me.

God wants us fully IN, not marking time going to church service and volunteering once in a while.  He wants our hearts to be full of love, FULL, and to show that.  I know that, yet I don’t always act it, and sometimes don’t feel it.  I’ll be too wrapped in my own thoughts and self-centeredness.

So, for me, it’s a daily prayer…’please, God, help me to be full of love and grace toward others.  Help me show all who You are by loving actions, deeds, and words.  Let me shine Your light. Let me do for others so they can see You through me.’

You are my light and I am so thankful for You and what You have done for me and ‘mybellaviews.’