Growing in the Walk with Him

Isaiah 43:18,19 Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?    


  Isaiah 43:18, 19 speaks to my heart. It reminds me of where I was decades ago when I first said yes to following Jesus. And now, I look ahead, and see a long, high climb still to go. But as I pause on the path and look ahead, I turn and look behind. OH my, yes, look at all that I have shed –bitterness, anger, impatience, intolerance, and so forth. Yeah, I’ve climbed above a lot, have a lot to climb still, but I enjoy this path. PLEASE don’t believe I never have issues with impatience, anger, or intolerance. But the feelings are rare, and I am able to shed them with a harsh word to Satan to take off with those negative messages he’s trying to infuse me with. I recognize them easier now. I’ve learned loving others is easier than holding grudges and anger in our hearts. It’s even gotten easier to do over time. Is it because I’ve realized we are each entitled to different views, or we are occasionally hurt when someone has their own issues to deal with, and we have not taken that into consideration? I don’t know. But I believe it is my growth in the walk I’ve had with God.

fruits of the spirit

 These are the things I am striving towards


God wants us to forgive those who have caused harm to us. I think if one is able to do that he/she has truly reached a level of love for others which brings us closer and closer to how our creator wants us to interact with others. Certainly, Jesus walked in love while here. He showed no disdain for the poor, the dirty, the ill, the hurt, and so forth. But he did show grave disapproval to pompous and rich, and church leaders who spouted rules but lived with no love, only condemnation and judgment toward others. That angered our savior. He came to serve, to show us how to love, how to be patient, and give entirely of oneself.

He taught and led others by example, with patience and love. I will never attain that level of patience, but certainly I have grown in love, in patience, in the certainty that I am almost always successful in doing my best. So life is better for me since I accepted the invitation to have him live in my heart. The longer the relationship develops, the better I want to strive to be. It’s been a journey, and I sometimes can see my footsteps climbing the path. I have gotten close to where patience is written on the mountain, but still have a trek ahead of me. But I continue to put one foot in front of the other. Heave ho! Whoops, that was a steep patch.

Lord, I pray I receive more of the fruits of the Holy Spirit.

But it’s been a wonderful walk, such a satisfying journey, with many blessings for “mybellaviews.”