sunsets…sometimes the end

I love sunsets, but occasionally they remind me of how fast life can be. They signify the gorgeous ending of a day.   I am frequently reminded of God’s glory, His vastness, His generosity when I see a sunset.  Yet as those precious last minutes tick by, I am reminded how fast life can end.

God's Light 1

It doesn’t matter what the day has brought as the sky lightens with orange, peach, lavender.   The bright orb of the daytime sky starts to make its royal descent, promising a new day to begin in just a few hours. Sometimes we stop, see, and we enjoy.  Other times we are clutching a hope, a prayer, a wish that whatever we are dealing with, will miraculously be changed with the coming day.

Hmmm, will it be a good day?  Will it bring a release of the stress and worries of today?  Will the new day bring wonderful blessings…or pain?

For some, the end of a day, sometimes signifies loss, pain, and maybe death. But there is a message of beauty and peace in the significance and blessing of watching a sunset. And maybe a death.

Yes, it is a loss, a significant loss, an ending. Sometimes it is a relief; pain has ended, and although you still miss the loss of a loved one, if there has been a long debilitating illness, there is some relief when their struggle ends.

Life will give us heartaches, losses, sudden pain, and then times when we need to reflect, to grow, to learn.

The events change over time and we are in a different place, less consumed with grief and loss. When I originally wrote the words below, it was a sharp and stabbing moment of time that reminded how brief life could be.  Although this moment was filled with beauty and God’s blessings of color and a future, I held anger in my heart at the suddenness of death which had recently changed my life. And I was angry. My man was gone after a brief illness.

We all have losses and pain we deal with in life. They hurt. Yet the sun rises in beauty, as it sets in glory in the western sky most days. Part of the life cycle. And we learn to deal, to adapt to a life changed by loss and pain. But it’s a progression, a journey. It takes times.

I pray you continue to see the beauty around you as you learn to deal with your pain. There are rainbows and new beginnings along the way.

Here are some of Mybellaviews. Blessings      IMG_1570