Trees, flowers and blessings of spring





Today, I was again enthralled with the changes which come in early spring. The trees are full of red buds and each day this week, they have become fuller and richer maroon. Tomorrow some may have burst forth with a granny smith apple green color–the newest show of green leaves, baby leaves ready to burst forth. Tiny blossoms not yet fully free from the buds cradling the leaves they will develop into. It amazes me the daily progression you can watch as the trees develop their new growth and finally explode into the green color that proclaims it an oak, an elm, a glorious maple. I just love this birth of spring; a true blessing given to us at the beginning of time by our Creator.

And I also saw some crab apple trees in full blossom of pink flowers just dotting landscapes with their happy blushing buds. With no other sound except the rustling of leaves, the buds dance, another proof to me that all living things change and enjoy spring.

crabapple tree                                                                      blog daffodil

And because I can’t seem to contain my impatience for flowers and my garden to sprout at this time of year, I went to Lowes and purchased some plants and some shrubs and spent the day planting. Today, it feels I worked out for a half hour with a football team and was tackled often, but my garden looks vibrant. Because of lessons learned in the past, I was able to not purchase so many flowers forgetting bulbs and plants that will be poking upwards in the next couple of weeks. As I was out cutting this dead branches, pulling a couple of weeds, it was obvious that some greenery was emerging, pushing at the mulch covering it.

I am so blessed to have eyes to see, ears to hear, nose to smell, and the ability to enjoy the warmth and brightness of the sun.

I hope you are enjoying God’s blessing this spring….and every spring. Thanks for sharing some favorites of mybellaviews.