I think everyone questions their purpose here on earth at least at different times.  Some may find a job they are very good at, enjoy, and get satisfaction from, at least most of the time.  I had that blessing–loved my job, was very good at it, loved being a preceptor to new employees, and teaching them about the “whole” being.   But, as in all things, times change, and it became less pleasurable, and more impersonal, and for me, much less satisfying.   I have enjoyed bunches of people, times, events in my life, but sometimes, there was a nagging feeling that I was missing something.  But what?  All my blocks were checked.  My immediate goals were being worked if not accomplished.   Why was I not settled, not at peace, feeling as though something were missing.   It almost felt like I had missed a homework assignment so therefore was not fully prepared.  

What was wrong with me?  No one else seemed to feel unsettled that I could see.  Was I doing something wrong?  Had I missed something?   Had I dropped the ball somewhere?  Had I messed up as a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister?   Something was annoyingly OFF. and I couldn’t place, so therefore couldn’t fix it.   Although I asked god for direction, there was no quiet guidance of voice, but opportunities came to help–seeing a couple of folks who needed visits, some nursing, some just for company, doing errands for some, helping with kitchen work at times.  I didn’t like being in charge, but I like and am good at following directions, and that gives satisfaction.  But, huh, still not a full purpose, right?  It must have been what He wanted and somewhere in there what He was teaching, as I settled; at least not feeling so like a jigsaw missing the last three pieces–all from different sections of the puzzle.

I believe God created each with a desire for something fulfilling.  That may not mean something positive; perhaps those who hack in and steal things, a cat burglar or a computer hacker, they feel  challenged when they can break a code, and either steal data or objects.  There is a thrill to the challenge and a feeling of success when they are successful.  Most, I hope and think, even though most news stations will have us all fearful and waiting for more bad news daily, try to do right and kind things to others.  That too is a sense of success and a positive challenge has been met.  But that is still probably not the core of what our purpose is.  

So many in my different circles have no relationship with God.  Some know He exists, but state they don’t fear or honor Him as they believe they have been their own success, made their own decisions and accomplishments.   Others are thankful for the things in nature they enjoy and relax in, appreciating the scenes, the animals, and may utter a thankful few thoughts, but there is no daily connection.  So many say they are too busy to add another thing to their day–my day tends to spin out of control if I don’t have my devotional and bible time.   



We still may question our purpose for being here, but I think we question less. We seek answers from God through the Holy Spirit, “ hearing “ from God through His word, and sometimes through the still, but strong urgings we feel.  It’s sometimes a strong recognition that whatever we have read, or sensed in our spirit is the correct thing. Exactly what He wants us to be doing.  We are able to “test” and seek if what we believe is actually from Him, when we are doubtful.  But that is not to be abused. We don’t continually test or see if He will change his mind. Yet the more we know His direction for us, the less we feel a need to test.  Able to discern His way for us, we no longer feel a need to test and make sure, get verification.   The more often we do this, the more we recognize His voice versus that of the evil one…who also tries to whisper and direct our paths.

Do you know your purpose?  What are your strengths?