A loss….turned into a found Blessing

I lost my credit card case today.

I’d gone to a lovely lunch with friends, paid with cash so never missed it. Driving almost home, I decided to stop at the store. No credit card case. Had I taken it out of my purse? Maybe. When was the last time I used a card? Yes, Saturday. Sunday? No, no stores on Sunday. Yesterday? No, went to meet a friend and paid cash for dinner. Okay, so maybe it was home on my kitchen table. Please, please God.

So driving back toward the house, I kept reminding myself that in all my years, I’ve only lost two things that mean a lot to me that have not been retrieved. I know God delivered all those other items back to me. And I knew this credit card case and cards was going to come back. And I still have faith that I might recover the cross and the book that mean so much to me.

But that fear was trying to creep in like smoke under a door. It was awful. You know, probably, especially if you’ve lost the same, that terrible horrific feeling of panic and loss; and oh my goodness, I didn’t even write all the credit card numbers down. The panic kept trying to surge up and engulf. My mind firmly pushed Satan and his taunting away, and for those moments that his whisper was loud, I could feel the anxiety building. But I pushed it away, confident, I would find it at home, and reminding Satan, that I belonged to God and His Son, and I would have my cards. (Truly, I have come so far to be able to do that and to KNOW in my spirit that I would get them and it would be all right. I was at one time quite the doubter!)

The case was not on the table, not in a drawer, not on the stairs, not in the garage. Had I been careless putting it away after using it on Saturday? No. Clear memory of tucking it back into purse firmly. So hadn’t used it after Saturday afternoon.

I called the restaurant where we had had lunch. I remembered my purse had fallen on the floor, but all had appeared intact when I picked it up.   But I called. It was the dinner hour, (6:10 PM) and I knew they were busy. A lovely lady answered the phone, went and checked the office and reported no case had been found. I told her where we had sat, and that we hadn’t left the restaurant until 2:45, and described the case. She took my information. And basically, I forgot it.

Once in a while a brief thought of it fluttered through my brain, moving like a hummingbird, but that was it. I’d already told God that if I didn’t have it by the morning, I’d cancel my cards. A part of me wondered if I had carried it upstairs for some crazy purpose, but I had not climbed the stairs to verify yay or nay.

But at 8:32 PM, less than twenty minutes ago now, Stacy from the restaurant called to say they had found my case. We made arrangements for me to return to pick it up in the morning since it’s an hour away. I told her she was a blessing.

Isn’t God great?

That was my favorite Mybellaview blessing today. Can you beat that one?