Boston terriers for the Yanks

IMG_0106 Several years ago, we decided to get small dogs. We’d always had large dogs, but now I no longer wanted to deal with the larger breeds, and their medical issues, so I began researching the smaller breeds.
Deciding on Boston terriers was fairly easy for a couple of reasons. First, they were originally bred between a dog in Southboro, MA and another in Boston MA, which had moved there from England. My husband grew up in Southboro, we were both from MA, and how fitting to have these dogs first bred into this new breed in our own state, since we were Yankees, with no plans to ever live in the northeast again.
Theses dogs are a sweet breed, have relatively few health issues, and have cute, albeit smashed-in faces. I decided I wanted a male and female from the same litter, and luckily found a breeder who had a female who had just delivered six pups. The breeder allowed me to go and pick the gems I wanted.
What a blessing these critters have been! hey are so loving and accepting, have adorable faces, and have brought me a lot of laughs. The two are well known in my neighborhood as soccer players on the beach; they tend to be ruthless!
My female snores very loudly since her face is flatter than the male’s, and she is the reason my television needs to be turned louder and louder. They can both clear a room after dinner!
But they are so much company and comfort. Their love is steady, enduring, and enthusiastically unconditional. They have endless patience. Their greatest joy in life is for me to walk in the door. How wonderful is that kind of blessing! No judgment, they hold no grudges, they just have eagerness to see me whenever I come through the door; just love, devotion and the blessing of happiness at return. (I am sure next up on their happy meter is food, but still I know I take first place!)
Sounds a lot like Jesus, doesn’t it? Unconditional love, enthusiasm and happiness you are spending time with Him, and He has endurance to stick with us with all our faults, accepting us and guiding us to be better. Thank you, God, for these little blessings. Thank you for these little critters which have shown me unconditional acceptance.
Feel free to share your own blessings; I love to hear of them.
Here are a couple of pictures of the blessings living at Mybellaviews.