people are complaining about weather today

People are complaining about the weather a lot today, it is January 22, 2016. The weather forecasters are calling for a blizzard from the Midwest and up into the northern states. It is cold and stormy in the north, as far south as North Carolina.
And in Florida where I am visiting, it is a gray and rainy day, although warm. It’s always strange to me how lazy and sleepy I feel on a rainy day. Good to snuggle in with a good book or a great movie.
I don’t mind the rain or snow too much, although I purposely chose to not live in New England again when we returned to the states. I was done with snow, ice, treacherous roads, and bulky clothes and then of course, the air that froze the hair in one’s nostrils. th[9]
Once in a great while in eastern NC, we get a little snow (little is the operative word) but it is rare, and it doesn’t linger long since we don’t maintain temperatures in the low thirties and less. But if I have no busy errands planned on a stormy day, I appreciate the down time, and the opportunity to snuggle in with the characters in a book or movie. Then maybe I can grab a fifteen minute nap. Gray, stormy days are wonderful for a nap. I believe that naps on stormy days are another of God’s blessings.
There is so much in any day for us to be thankful for. So although it is rainy and gray, I am with friends, enjoying some laughs, thankful for their acceptance, and friendship. And I know I am blessed
I am so thankful I see so many blessings in my life. So, God, thank you for keeping me out of the snow and ice and putting me amongst good friends for this weekend.
betty pic 1 24 16 This photo was taken by my neighbor, Jan 24, 2016, and the site I was blessed to see when I got home from Florida.
These are a couple photos Patty Sanchioni posted of that impressive moon. She is gracious enough to share many of her photos with me for the blog. Please check out more of her work on facebook on her page at Patty Joslyn Sanchioni. Thanks Pat! These are awesome pictures of that impressive moon blessing!
patty sanchioni 1 25 16 This first is a great shot of time lapse!

patty sanchioni b 1 25 16 You can see more of Patty’s work through lifesblessingsbiz. You won’t be sorry looking through them!

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