Friends and family….those related by common faith also

Jeremiah 31:1    “At the same time,” says the Lord, “I will be the God of all the families of Israel, and they shall be My people.” 

Matthew 18:19,20   “Again, I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.” 


I am so blessed with good people in my life.  I have many friends who have had an excellent past year. Even with Hurricane Flo coming and damaging so much of eastern North Carolina, most of my friends have fared okay.  That is not to say there is little devastation around. Many of my church family have been displaced for months trying to get their properties repaired and habitable again. Others have had damage but after a short period were able to move back into their homes. But the once familiar coastline, now shows barren places where homes have been destroyed and torn down, roofs still remain off, mold and mildew have made many of the homes inhabitable, and there are not enough contractors around to help with repairs.

It’s been a time of helping those less fortunate and it has been sobering and sad.  Yet, most of the people have remained positive and with a good outlook, and when they get frustrated at the delays and not being able to be back to living “normal” there is someone there to give a pep talk, say prayers, give hugs, and share the frustration. that’s what friends do for one another. 

We are now seven months past Florence’s winds and devastation and in that time, we have had five nor’easters, which means that even more sand has been sucked out to other areas, but certainly not available for the NC coastline.  Friends have put in sand fencing hoping to start the process of rebuilding dunes. The fencing has been displaced and swept down the beach with the heavy winds and high waves. It’s difficult to see and hear how many folks are still struggling with that storm’s effects.  And I am so thankful for friends and the help offered to those in need, as well as the prayers, debris clean-up folks and the fact that there is a slow progression to improving the area again.

It’s a blessing to me to have so many family and friends in my life and to be able to share their news, and raise up the issue for God to lend His help. When possible, we make visits so we have face to face time, a way to decrease the stress. What a comfort it is to know I have so many people praying when I am going through some dark period. I like to think all people do the same for loved ones. 

Sometimes, we are blessed with folks who will pray for strangers because they’ve heard of another’s problems. I know there were many, many people praying for the areas Florence showed her wrath and winds and rain.  I find it comforting to know persons care enough to pray.  And hopefully the prayers will continue, as there is still a lot needing repair, some people remain displaced and homes are not fixed, and they await an honorable contractor to help put them together.  It no longer dots the news casts, but there is still a lot of need in this area, and it sometimes is hard to remember that unless you see the damage often

I know God has it, and He’s working on issues both good and bad. His word promises He can turn all things to our good. He is there for us. 

I’ve seen and lived many of Your promises. Thank You for “mybellaviews”.