God watches my garden grow

Genesis 2:8  God planted  garden eastward in Eden, and there He put the man whom He had formed.

www.gardeningknowhow.com  ‘By definition, a weed is known as “a plant in the wrong place.” For the most part, these plants are known more for their undesirable ulaities tather than for their good ones.’

I love gardening, which should be quite odd. I remember as a teen of maybe 18 years old, taking a test to show my interests and strengths to pursue for work and hobbies. At the time, I thought gardening was such a waste of time. I had watched my mother and grandmother nurture their gardens, not recognized any satisfaction in it, as it seemed a huge waste of time since weeds would sprout back up soon. Yet those two special women enjoyed it.

However, when my test came back with a strong inclination to garden, I was pretty sure it was some rigged test. Yes, it said I also had a strong draw to nursing, books, religious studies also. (And those of you who know me personally can attest to all those interests). But really, gardening?

Yet now, I love the hobby. I only have a modicum of knowledge, but I enjoy playing in the dirt, arranging colors, and doing my best, although limited ability, to nurture them along. I so appreciate the many and various things gardening offers me. There’s a satisfaction that my garden looks pretty with the many varieties and colors, and I am so thankful to God that I have the ability to see the flowers, how they grow and thrive, (or fail, yet the ability to read and research to see what they might need. The work may at times be strenuous and tiring, but the satisfaction, and the pleasure of the solitude of planting, weeding and feeling the blessings God gives me via the garden, is wonderful. Certainly, I appreciate when a passerby comments on my garden, and although I thank them for the comment, I then thank Him. He’s the master gardener.

Now, gardening is a restful hobby to me. Yes, I can work hard planting, pulling, cutting, throwing away that which needs to go. But it is so rewarding when I have it finished. My body may be tired, but the gardens look clean, the flowers seem to stand a trifle taller, and seem able to take fuller breaths. And the next morning, anything left a little stunned by the human contact the day before, has resettled and has decided to grow.

And I think that is what God does with us. He plants His word, He weeds our flaws, picks off dead blossoms, fertilizes as needed, and keeps a watchful eye on our growth and blossoming. How cool is that. Our God is the ultimate gardener, and He is tending us!!  Pluck my weeds, remove my dead flowers, fertilize and water me with the living water.

So although I fought and did not believe I had a gardening bone in my body, God designed me to appreciate the act and the beauty of gardening. It’s one of the blessings I have. There’s a real satisfaction in working hard in the yard, but I gain a lot of gratification, fulfillment, and beauty from it. Thank You, God for knowing me better than I could ever know me, and giving me such hobbies to work at and enjoy.     



Gardening gives a lot to mybellaviews.