God’s Way is Love, not Killing

Disregard for Life

“Thou shalt not kill.”   Exodus 20:13

I truly hate we are living in a time when many people have reached a point in their existence of easily ending the life of others. How is it so many persons don’t care that they violently omit someone else’s life, or attack and maim them and apparently shrug it off? I don’t understand it, will never understand it. Profound callousness. But where did it come from? How are we suddenly so saturated with it? Has it always been this way and now the media just thrusts it into our knowledge more blatantly? I don’t think so. I think this apparent easy snuffing of lives is a deterioration of the “modern” world.

How did this happen? I am not sure how we have arrived here at the point where there is so little regard for life. Are these thugs, terrorists, gang members so calloused they don’t care even if their own family, friends or even acquaintances are casually killed? Are they horrified when a bullet rips into the flesh of another and blood explodes from the wound? Are they capable of caring? Do they weep at losing a loved one? Do they weep for anything?

How is it that lives are so trash-able to these…I am not sure what to even call these persons who do these acts? Even animals kill to eat; they don’t kill just to kill with no regard. They hunt, attack, kill and feed themselves and their families. We are supposed to be the supreme animal. Of what awful species, then?

‘Bang, bang, I shot you down.’   Now a song, written in 1966, but I remember when it was a saying when we played cops and robbers, or cowboys and Indians. No intent to do another harm, only to win a game. The intent was just to reach “safety,” the corner of the house or tree where you counted when the “search” began for the ‘bad’ guys. But these were your neighborhood buddies, family, kids who were just like you: out enjoying the fresh air and the freedom to pump their legs in a good run, be healthy and have fun.

But now, the play is with real guns shooting real bullets, and machine weapons that should be only used by the police and military. They should not be in neighborhoods and available with any kind of ease.

How have so many students become so depressed, so entitled to feel they can cut down and annihilate others and then themselves?

There is no respect in blatantly driving around, aiming a gun and maiming or killing innocents; or strapping a bomb on oneself or another and convincing them it is a heroic deed to kill as many others with yourself as possible. That is total disregard. And those who do that have no respect for anything, I don’t think. You have to honor and respect life before you can regard it as important. There will never be a way any of these…persons…can convince me that there is a reason or just cause for the blatant murder of others.

I am a nurse, and I believe that since we all die, it should not always be a horrific affair. There is a time for medical heroics, and a time to hold a hand of a person and the loved ones who are left grieving the loss of that him/her. No place in my mind or heart can acknowledge that life is not important, and does not deserve respect. It does. Always.

I will never respect the viewpoint that there is. Just to pull a weapon and hurt/maim/kill another is not in any way justifiable.

I have no idea how we have gotten here…but I wish we could put it in reverse.

God teaches love, not random killing.

Just saying….one of “mybellaviews.”