Spring Poems

A Spring poem              blog daffodil

Flowers spring forth and birds sing; Winter fades, days are longer

This is the glorious Spring, When all feels new and stronger


Birds chirp, and hummingbirds flit Here and there, and everywhere

Blue skies above, here I sit Breathing deeply the Spring air.


Enjoying the bursts of color As they sprout from trees and ground.

Spring smiles with rebirth galore; Green grass and flowers abound


Happy Spring                                             crabapple


It’s Spring, it’s Spring, let my heart sing! Thank you, God for earth’s rebirth

Here come the plants, the trees budding; All is new in the Spring on earth.


It happens each year Spring renews. I sit out and let it all seep in

Blue skies, sun, warmth and comforting views, I know God has washed away all sin


It is the time of rebirth, Birds excitedly chirping,

Green leaves poking up and forth, More colors yet still lurking.


Crocuses, narcissus and more, Daffodils and azaleas burst

All these colors I just adore, I smile as I quench their thirst.


The warmth of spring kisses my face, The sun shines longer each day

So thankful, I enjoy this place, Longer days, we’re into May


Thank You, God that I live here, There’s four seasons which come and go

But winter’s short here, spring’s near….I’ll just watch the coming show.