Our same yet unique differences…

Psalm 139:13-14   For You formed my inward parts, You covered me in my mother’s womb. I will praise You for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

Jeremiah 1:5   “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you: Before you were born I sanctified you: I ordained you a prophet to the nations.”

Jeremiah 29:11   For I know the plans I have for you; plans to prosper and not to harm you.


God everything, so many things.  And then there are many different variations under the umbrella of one species.  Like the above pictures, all dogs, but different breeds….

There are many, many different kinds of fish—some have white meat, some have pink, some are very fishy tasting while others are rarely eaten by humans for a variety of different reasons.

Of course, it’s not just fish, but rodents, mammals, flowers, and so much more.

And then, there are human beings. We are created to be most closely like God. We were created in His image.  And, yet we are each uniquely made. There are many different cultures, beliefs and thoughts, and experiences. All of which make us unique and distinct. Yet we are all in the under the same umbrella of species. Homo sapiens.  And Eastern European, Irish, Black, Indians and so many more. Because He made us with similarities, but each unique. 

Children within a family are each obviously different, even while sharing the same parents. The different arrangement of DNA, the way same situations may be seen and processed and finally interpreted. It’s incredible to look at the similarities, and yet see the poignant differences in all.

Although I have many bulbs in my gardens, each year when they bloom, there is a difference in their appearance. I find it amazing and am so humbled by the miracle of it all. I am sure there are many factors which add to these changes—the weather….how hot was it the previous summer, how cold was the winter, were critters trying to nibble at the bulb, was it watered enough, is it in the right type of soil? And obviously there are many other factors that might weigh in to how the blooms appear and differ each year. But you cannot take God’s creative artistry out of the mix. He is the grand creator.

He causes the plants to rise and fill their green leaves with nourishment from the sun and the water, and then the blooms to unfold and deliver their beauty. The color may be the slightest bit deeper in the center, the combination of colors mixed together might be different, richer, more vibrant. And of course, my own interpretation may be different as well. If not burdened by stress, I see the vibrant beauty more readily than if some worry has caused me to see less of His artistry.

I feel so blessed seeing and appreciating the splendor around me.  So much the same species, and yet differences within. How incredible is that?

Because I see confused frowns from others when I point out something from nature which has struck me, I know many don’t take the time to see and feel the beauty around them. It makes me a little sad for them. I am thankful to have eyes to see and behold; ears to hear the singing of birds and chatter of squirrels and all the other sounds I perceive; and for the time to enjoy and appreciate different things created.

It’s an important aspect of ‘mybellaviews’ that I enjoy so much– views of beauty, sounds in the world, and all….

Thank You for the blessings of beauty all around ‘mybellaviews.’