Poetry and Blessings

I think over my life and am reminded of all those who have influenced me,
Most were good, very, very good, but some caused damage in their wake.
I learned lessons, some easy, some painful from all these folks, you see
They were all a part of God’s plan for me; to help me grow, stand, and not break.
To help me rise and become all I can, and all that He wants me to be.


Not all folks were good for me, not all were kind, and some just caused hurt
But all were part of lessons and growth, changing as He wanted me to see.
Sometimes, I cried, blubbered and screeched that this was way too painful a spurt
Of trouble to endure. But I would just have to stick to the path; and believe.
God, in His wisdom would comfort most times, but He wanted me to trust through the hurt

To walk the path He wanted for me. Some folks caused me trouble, some had spite,
Some were sneaky, deceiving. I’d be shocked, always believing they’d been true.
But I learned to listen to that quiet voice when something didn’t feel quite right.
And I’ve grown and learned and been so very blessed, as I walk each day with You
Feeling and growing in Your love so I can be an example of Your light.

I know the many, many blessings You’ve given to me.
And now, the troubles are distant memories. The blessings here and they overflow—
Love, support and JOY I get from many friends and my family,
They remind me I’m loved when I may not feel it; am unsure where to go
Their constant, steady support is always there if I want them to be

They send a message, a card to say ‘just thinking of you’ and I recall,
I may feel alone, but You’ve said, ‘I will never forsake nor leave you.’
I keep those promises tucked in my heart; it’s a reminder You’ve got it all,
You’re in control. I’m okay no need to fret; just trust and believe in You.
Faith is knowing Your strength and love are there though I feel under a pall.

It’s easier now after all these years to trust You more. I like control,
but I’ve learned Your way goes much smoother for me if I wait patiently.
I give you my prayers, my wishes and pleas, then believe all will unfold
In the best manner and time You’ve deemed for me; it unfolds blatantly.
But it is easier after all these years shedding those fears I used to hold


So I want to continue to grow in Your words; Your promises I claim
Thank You for my blessings, o Lord, family, friends, my senses and more
I depend on and seek You and try to wait patiently. I reverence Your Name.
You promise to love me, guide me, and give me the best. It’s You I adore.
For Your Son, goodness, love and all that is higher is my constant aim.

So thank You, heavenly Father for all You’ve richly bestowed on me
Let me seek the fruits of the Holy Spirit, as I walk closer to You
So love, joy, patience, gentleness, kindness, self-control, and generosity;
All these are steps in the journey to learn to seek You and all that is true,
And becoming the best example of love for those in my world to see.