Some of My Blessings

Genesis 2:8-10 The Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden, and there He put the man whom He had formed. And out of the ground the Lord made every tree grow that is pleasant to the sight and good for food. The tree of life was also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Now a river went out of Eden to water the garden and from there it parted and became four river heads.

I was blessed with good eyesight, hearing and a fair mental capability (which many have questioned!), and a profound appreciation of things I see in nature.

I have been fortunate enough to enjoy the Spring and all the renewal that comes then. Dormant flowers slowly poke their heads up, usually the first being crocuses and narcissus’s. Then the naked trees start slowly redressing with early leaves budding in a pale green and then burst forth in full form; the maples, the oaks, the elms, the so forth. Dogwoods here in the south, blossom with their lovely white blooms, short-lived, then turning all to green. Shrubs and bushes begin to also share their colors. The azaleas, the lilacs, and forsythia all show off in their beautiful hues.

Then you have the birds which chatter excitedly at the warmer weather. They still visit the bird feeders you may have placed about your yard, but they are also on the damp and melting ground, which is softened enough to have worms snatched as they are preyed on. Robins with their brown bodies and their orange chests bob and bop along, occasionally chirping out songs. Blue birds, if you are lucky enough to have some, start hunting for a home to “rent.” It’s the male who comes and checks out my two houses. Diligently, he checks the outside, then the doorway, then jumps inside for a few minutes. He hops back out and looks around, then flies back to my fence and sits and looks at it from a distance. He then checks out the second house. (I don’t know what the difference is between the two, but the second one has never been “rented”). He’ll then fly off and returns with his mate.             


He chats and chirps, and goes to the entrance, looks in while she sits on the roof. They then switch places, and seemingly reluctantly, she enters. She seems to spend more time than he did in there, and eventually she comes out and they both fly to the fence and look back at it. Most often, she’ll go back for another look, and he’ll fly to the roof and wait. That first day, I may not see them again. But they return the second day, check it out, and then get busy bringing pine straw, sticks, and whatever they find most productive in this home.   I am blessed to watch this couple grow into a family.

The oceans, seas, lakes and rivers also are blessings. Such beauty sits within them. And they are full of lovely critters that swim and feed. I am blessed to live at the ocean and get the privilege of seeing pods, and sometimes, a lone, single dolphin swimming, surfing the waves, and feeding, occasionally leaping out of the water snatching their prey. Once I was blessed to see a large gray whale, (gray in color, not species) as it meandered from the northern aspects of the ocean moving south. Every twenty seconds, it would come up, blow water and air out, while taking in a breath and re-submerging. So cool!

But I’ve been fortunate to travel some and have seen and enjoyed awesome sights there also–the Alps, the vibrant colors and flowers of the fields and homes nestled in the mountains, the waterfalls gushing out of the rocks, and the same waterfalls apparently frozen in time, suspended in ice. Mountain tops with craggy rock cliffs will frequently hold a cross, indicating someone made it to there, and perhaps fell, maybe just claimed the area with pride.  And skies are so blue and seemingly endless, sometimes with clouds, soft and wispy and at others with thicker, fluffier white cottony mounds and then still at others, gathering in a gray and angry mass as preparations are made to send cleansing rains to water flowers, grass, and send more water to lakes, oceans and so on.

There are so many blessings if you take the time to pause and take stock. Take that time for you and your mind’s and body’s busyness.

Here are a couple of my Bellaviews. Blessings