We waffle; He is steady

Psalm 119:165  Great peace have those who love Your law and nothing causes them to stumble.

Inner spiritual peace is experienced by any believer who walks in the Spirit despite surrounding turmoil.  The Women’s Study Bible, second edition, 2006, pg 1450

Psalm 37:7,8  Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for Him; do not fret because of him who prospers in his way, because of the man who brings wicked schemes to pass. Cease from anger, and forsake wrath; do not fret—it only causes harm.

Matthew 11:28, 29  Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon me you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your sons. 


Some of the most wonderful things about God are his forgiveness, grace and willingness to save us through His unconditional love. He promises to always love us and never forsake us.

Unfortunately, we cannot always make the same promise. We might wander away, turn from Him and the path we are given. We may walk a different path if asked to do something we don’t want to do.  We sometimes we run like Jonah; sometimes we continue to question and doubt like Gideon; sometimes we fear and hesitate like Esther.

Sometimes it seems it (whatever God has asked us to do) interferes with the life we see before us, and He has asked us to go into an area that frightens us or causes us to doubt. Possibly, we turn away in anger if a loved one is not healed or is taken from us and we are left with that searing ache and pain of permanent loss on this earth. (We sometimes forget we will be reunited with loved ones). It could be we turn away when temptations become too great and we succumb and then begin to drift further and further from Him.

And yet He remains constant and there, ready for us to come back, seeking His comfort, forgiveness, and peace.  And we need to remember that He will meet us WHEREVER we are. He will some into our wilderness, our pain, our mistakes, and forgive, and suck us into the warmth of His comfort, peace, forgiveness.

That is a difficult concept since we only have human minds to receive this, and as humans we don’t always have the faith and trust to believe someone may not hurt us again if they have repeatedly caused us hurt, anger, or shame. With repeated hurts, we develop mistrust which erodes our relationship and belief in the sincerity of the person. It can be difficult to understand and believe we will be forgiven if we have wandered away and then seek Him again. After all, we don’t believe we are good enough, so why should we believe He would care, let alone forgive us.

But again, we are not God.

He is constant, while we are constantly evolving, experiencing life and the changes making our path. Hopefully our ideas, beliefs, faith and wisdom bring about a more mature love and walk with Him in our life. And of course, that love and faith is God.  We grow and find peace and rest when we begin to follow Him. And let the Holy Spirit be our guide, our eye opener, the one who clarifies. We need to trust.

So for all of our waffling, He is constant, steady, always there, and willing to take, willing to accept our burdens, hurts, doubts, fears, anxieties, and even our anger, our ire at what may have happened in our life.

And then, if you are willing to let Him wrap His arms around you, He will help you heal, walk closer to Him, learn His ways and seek His solace and comfort always.

It does not always seem simple. We feel we are better able to shield ourselves from hurts, to gauge our path and our decisions, trusting in our own knowledge and judgments. Our belief is sometimes to hold onto our angers and wounds.  And of course we can.

We can certainly impede our own progress and healing. But why would we choose to?  We have God who loves us, and wants to help and cares about each aspect of our lives. But we heal when we release our anger, hurts, and beliefs we make no mistakes or sins.  That begins our walk on the path of growth and peace. It is not a walk devoid of hurt, slights, loss or pain. There is that. But with Him, you know He is there to comfort while you grieve, and hand over anger, hurts, and all the rest f our human emotions. We are NOT alone. He is there. He wants you to hand over your concerns, all of them

Thankfully, through a couple of back sliding times, I now know I am more stable and steady and at peace while walking with Him. So I choose Him.

Life at ‘mybellaviews’ feels so much more secure, restful, and peaceful.