What do you have faith in?

For in Christ Jesus, neither circumcision not uncircumcision counts for anything, but only faith activated and energized and expressed and working through love.   Galatians 5:6

May the God of your hope so fill you with all joy and peace in believing that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound and be overflowing with hope. Romans 15:13

Therefore, we conclude that apart from the deeds of the law a man is justified by faith. Romans 3:38 (Bold script for faith my addition)

Faith is the belief, hope, knowledge of something we have no control over. We believe the sun will rise each day, the world will spin on its axis, after rains the sky will brighten and the waters will recede. We believe. We hope. That’s faith.

If we believe Jesus walked on earth as a man, but was the son of God, and then died for US, for our sinful beings, we will be saved. It takes faith to believe Jesus came as the son of God. So many say he was “just” a man, albeit a good man. That just does not make enough sense to me; maybe because I have faith. For me it is a KNOWING that Jesus is the son of God, the way to heaven’s eternity, and praying in His name is powerful. I know that. It is my faith.

Trust and faith can be shaken, but if you choose to hold on, continue to pray and believe things will turn out for your good, as God’s words promise, you will get through. And you will come through difficulties stronger. I do understand questioning when you are walking a difficult or uncertain path, and keep questioning and not being reassured your path is correct. I’ve been there. But I now realize those times were a way to further build the faith, to test my mettle, my intentions, and to reassure me, even when silent He walks with me.

I think it must be so lonely and upsetting to not have faith in anything other than your own skills and abilities. Then what happens when severe illness or some other heartache strikes and you are left with a broken, sick body? It may be then your own skills will not see you through.

Our Lord came to earth and walked and lived among people, as a man, although He was God. He chose to take our sins on himself, and die an agonizing death on a cross, to ensure a way for us to reach heaven through faith. He did this so all the sacrifices of the rules (the Old Testament) were done, finished. He was the last sacrifice; the perfect, unblemished first born “animal” which the old rules had declared be offered for sin.

With Jesus willing to come and live as a man and be the sacrifice for us, the gates to heaven were opened to us. Claim Him as God who came and lived as a human, then took the sins of all of us onto himself. We only have to believe He came and sacrificed himself, died for us, to offer a means to have a relationship with God, and to spend eternity in heaven.

I wonder why for some it is so difficult to believe. Is it the belief r questioning He was God’s son? Are you unable to believe this carpenter was more than a human? It is difficult to believe anyone could or would take all sin for all eternity upon Himself for any of us. But Jesus is not anyone. He is the One. He is the Son of God.

If we might believe in Him, study and follow Him and learn to love others as we love ourselves we find our way to spend eternity in heaven. Recognizing and feeling His love for us, helps us want to be better. This then leads many to deny our own selfish manner, and instead give of ourselves, our possessions and our time for the benefit of others. Believing in Him through faith gives us everything we need.

Believing does not mean you never make a mistake, that you are a good, loving, kind, and patient person always. It does not imply that you never make a mistake, or hurt another, or say something you shouldn’t….because it is a process to become better. The expectation is NOT to be perfect. We will never be perfect, be sinless, but we can strive to be better, more loving.

There is only the One who is perfect. And that One took all our sin, died for us, to open the way for us to heaven.

That’s absolutely perfect in mybellaviews!