The growth and journey

But the word is very near to you, in your mouth and in your heart, that you may do it.  Deuteronomy 30:14

Somehow, I thought when I became a Christian life would always be positive, no worries, no doubts, and one would sail along. I initially felt I walked several inches above the ground for the first few days. Then euphoria faded as I fell into the routine of life.

So the magic faded, but not the gratefulness, but I was puzzled. I was being bombarded with hurtful things, doubts, and whatever. At that time I didn’t know I needed to seek His counsel, words, directions and promises to survive and thrive. And it’s a journey, a growth, I’ve learned. You need to work and learn about Him so your relationship will develop. Like any other relationship we have in this life.

We are babes when we first find and accept God. We learn who He is, what He has done, and begin to grow in our walk. It takes a true ‘knocking, seeking’ for the door to be opened. Not that we are not with Him, but we need to seek growing with Him, discovering His plan for our lives, and what we are supposed to do, or refrain from doing. And that comes about by reading His words and applying them to our lives, to attending a Bible teaching church, and hanging with others who walk with Him. It is not always easy to know His will and we sometimes have to WAIT, but He will guide us if we diligently seek His will for our lives.

There are things He wants us to avoid since they will bring us danger (maybe illness, broken heart, dismay, and so much more). For instance, if we choose to become intimate outside of marriage and not seeking His will if this is the right person for us, we can develop a disease, infection, or some kind of permanent scar. He doesn’t say NO alcohol, although for some, all alcohol is a danger to them, but He certainly does not want us abusing our bodies (His earthly temple since He lives in us) and becoming addicted, sick, or enslaved to these devil enticements. And even with alcohol, He wants us to use moderation.

We must know His words, His direction or it is easy to fall away. Not because we want to, but because we have not worked to seek His words, promises, directions and guidance. With His words imprinted in our minds and hearts, we are able to believe and not quake when facing something so dire, and we are able to have standards and stick with them.

We each stand and live according to our knowledge, understanding and seeking of His guidance. In order to learn it, we must study and learn His words. And it is a growth. There have been many times some of the words were like ‘blah, blah, blah’ and held no meaning for me. And at other times, it was like a light, a rope of understanding during whatever issue I was coping with. And I could hold onto it, tightly. So I need the words and promises to help with my growth and understanding.

I am still stumbling and growing. It is a life long learning journey. Maybe some of ‘mybellaviews’ will help in your own growth.